Let's Work Together To Make Your Business Grow!

IDiscover Helps Businesses Grow

IDiscover Consulting Group was started in 2004 by Brian Cohen, a business advisor with over 20 years experience. We specialize in business/executive coaching and business advisory to small-to-medium sized organizations that are seeking a sustainable growth strategy.

We collaborate with clients to help them develop practical growth strategies derived from their core values and vision. We drive success by grounding our clients’ business strategies in their fundamental vision and core values – and then serve as a sounding board to encourage, challenge, and support them as they implement those strategies.

Just think. Very soon your business could have:

  • A well-defined vision and growth strategy
  • Clarity about your target market customers, their needs/challenges - and how your business addresses those challenges
  • A brand that truly reflects your business - and its unique strengths
  • A clear, concise, compelling market message
  • A trusted coach to support you