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IDiscover Consulting Group specializes in business/executive coaching and business advisory to small-to-medium sized organizations that are seeking a sustainable growth strategy.

Just think. Very soon your business could have:

·       A well-defined vision and growth plan and strategy for the future.

·       Clarity about your target market customers, their needs/challenges – and how your business addresses those challenges.

·       brand that truly reflects your business – and its unique strengths.

·       A clear, concise, compelling market message.

·       trusted coach that will support you as you implement your plan and serve you as an ongoing sounding board for new ideas and challenges.

 I am passionate about working with leaders of small to medium-sized businesses to help them grow with a clear, long-term strategy and vision that effectively positions your brand – and supports that brand through organizational design, operational policies and processes, and a positive, supportive employee culture. I love to work with positive, innovative leaders and management teams. 

Put simply, IDiscover helps businesses grow.

I collaborate with my clients to help them develop practical growth strategies derived from their core values and vision. I drive success by grounding my clients’ business strategies in their fundamental vision and core values – and then I serve as a sounding board to encourage, challenge, and support them as they implement those strategies.

The two things I want my clients to gain by working with me are (1) clarity about where they want to take their organizations and how they plan to get there and (2) confidence that their vision and strategies are grounded in a firm understanding of what makes their organization unique.

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