About Us

About us

Since 2004 IDiscover Consulting Group has been helping small-to-medium sized corporate and nonprofit organizations develop sustainable growth strategies.

Our mission is to help you build your strategic direction on a foundation of market/customer knowledge and a clearly-defined vision. We know strategy. We know planning. We know customer/market research. We know how to apply all that to your organization. And we’ll do it in a serious, yet uplifting way.

We want you to be excited and passionate about your organization and its future. And we want to help you get there!

Our Founder

Brian Cohen started his career as a systems analyst and then  as a management consultant at Ernst & Young and in Arthur Andersen’s business consulting and global corporate finance practices. He then worked for a time in Silicon Valley before returning to the Houston business and nonprofit community.

Brian started IDiscover to bring top-notch advisory skills to smaller organizations which often cannot afford the top-tier fees that come with top-tier talent.

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