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Living Between The Lines

As I observed this guy following the painted walkway lines during a very early-morning walk through an empty parking garage it got me to thinking about how often we as business owners may be blindly following rules that may be limiting us and which really have no positive impact on us. We need to know which rules make sense and when we should live “outside the lines”.

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The Best Place for Find That New Idea

Most of us business leaders want our businesses to grow. And so many of us are just not sure where that great idea will come from? Will it drop from the sky or from the steam in our shower? More often than not, great ideas are right there in front of us…if we just take the time to see them and act on them.

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The Case of the Unaligned Coffee

I am a believer that small things are often indicative of larger ones. And that leaders must be on the lookout for behaviors that can be detrimental to the growth of their businesses. Often it’s the small things that make that critical difference. Especially as a small business. In this post, I suggest that you take a few simple actions that can help you win in the marketplace.

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4 Tips to Get the Most from Your Market Research Efforts

We all know that asking our customers (and others in our target market) for input is important. Still for too many it still seems like a “have to do” as opposed to a “get to do”. The result? Not only will you not get the most useful information you can, but you are also missing a great opportunity to engage with those you most want to engage with. An opportunity to get great info AND build your brand…lost!Here are a few tips for getting the most from your market feedback efforts.

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Don’t Be Afraid To Ask

This week I’ve been thinking a lot about the issues we shy away from in our businesses (and in our personal lives too). On so many issues we fear to ask details because we may not be comfortable asking or we may not be prepared to hear the answer. Don’t be that way.  Let’s develop a culture that embraces and acts on feedback to improver customer experiences and thereby improves our bottom line.

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One Single Thing

I have to admit some guilt here. Several times over the years I’ve had people (sometimes even people I’ve known for years!) admit that they had difficulty referring work to my company because they weren’t actually sure what or who to refer over to me. My immediate reaction was “Really?!?!?”. And once I got over that I realized how valuable that feedback truly was. When I allowed myself to step back and objectively look at the work I was doing I could see what they meant. I was all over the place. It was unclear what types of clients I wanted and what value I felt I could deliver to them. A true awakening.

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Being a Visionary Leader

In my opinion, perhaps the biggest role you have as a leader is that of “visionary”. So, two of the most impactful things you can do as a leader are (1) having a clear, compelling vision and (2) sharing it. Do those two things right and you will go a long way toward success. In this post, we talk about the importance of being that visionary leader and how you can ensure that vision becomes a central part of your leadership style.

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Don’t Wait. Lead.

Part of being a leader is being responsible for setting the organization’s direction. Keeping the conversation focused on the horizon; looking forward and planning the future. And, yes, that can be a real challenge. But it’s one you must take on. You have to accept responsibility for the organization’s direction. You can’t wait for someone else to set the strategic direction and tell you what to do. That’s a manager. In this blog post I discuss how you can take the lead and set the course.

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Listening Just Might Be The Greatest Leadership Skill

As leaders many of us think that it’s important to be the center of things all the time – the most vocal, the one with the most knowledge or ideas. Well, we don’t ALWAYS need to play that outward role. Becoming a great listener is one of the most overlooked skills that can make your a better leader.

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Lean Into Your Weak Spots

Whether it’s accounting or sales or technology; we ALL have areas of our business we don’t enjoy and even avoid. In this post I argue that we need to be mindful of what those areas are (and why we avoid them) – and then lean into them. It’s a way to learn and grow and become better leaders.

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