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Don’t Wait. Lead.

Part of being a leader is being responsible for setting the organization’s direction. Keeping the conversation focused on the horizon; looking forward and planning the future. And, yes, that can be a real challenge. But it’s one you must take on. You have to accept responsibility for the organization’s direction. You can’t wait for someone else to set the strategic direction and tell you what to do. That’s a manager. In this blog post I discuss how you can take the lead and set the course.

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Listening Just Might Be The Greatest Leadership Skill

As leaders many of us think that it’s important to be the center of things all the time – the most vocal, the one with the most knowledge or ideas. Well, we don’t ALWAYS need to play that outward role. Becoming a great listener is one of the most overlooked skills that can make your a better leader.

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Lean Into Your Weak Spots

Whether it’s accounting or sales or technology; we ALL have areas of our business we don’t enjoy and even avoid. In this post I argue that we need to be mindful of what those areas are (and why we avoid them) – and then lean into them. It’s a way to learn and grow and become better leaders.

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Five Leadership Traits You Should Master

Over the years I’ve had the good fortune to work with many leaders n different sized organizations, for-profit and not-for-profit. The basic fact is that some leaders are just more effective than others. And I’ve really tried to think about what distinguishes some and not others. What traits might help someone become a top-notch all-around leader? I tried to whittle it down to some that in my opinion make the most difference. So here are just a few of the traits that I think make a good leader.

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Making You A Better Leader This Year

As a business leader there are always things we can do to improve. So many in fact that’s it’s hard to know where to begin. Until we visualize more concrete goals and execute a specific plan to improve ourselves we often just end the year disappointed. Let’s not let this year leave you the same leader at the end as you are at the start. Let’s improve things by planning and execution. I know you may be at a loss about where to begin. in this post I offer a few suggestions.

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This Year Get Closer To Your Customers

As the new year starts you are no doubt thinking about the tools and the strategies that can help your business grow this year. In this post I offer you a slightly different perspective. What if you made this the year that you make your business more personal, more likable, more…well….human. What if you got closer with them? I offer some ideas for how to make this happen.

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Get Your Story Straight, Now

A great way to start the year strong is to make sure that you have a clear and compelling story about you, your business, and your products and services. Make sure that you are telling the story you really want to tell.

But, how do you approach it? Where do you start? In this blog post, I share an approach for you to consider.

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Start The Year By Visualizing Its End

What’s a good way to get the year started off in the right direction for your business? Make sure you have clarity about where you are going and the actions it will take to get there. Here are a few helpful pointers that can help you gain some clarity to start the new year in a positive way.

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This We Believe

One of the best ways to begin thinking about your organization’s long-term strategy is to start with a simple statement: “We believe….”. It’s eye-opening to clearly outline the organization’s fundamental beliefs – why you are in business, what challenges you see in the world, and how you plan to solve them.

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The Importance of Thinking Big

I firmly believe that a big, bold vision is what motivates people. Telling your team that five years from now your organization will look pretty much the same as it is today, serve pretty much the same customers – even though the need and/or the market is growing – is pretty much NOT motivating. Your employees will do basically the same things they do today. You will not attract big investment or donor dollars. You will NOT see excitement in the marketplace. You probably won’t attract those massively talented people you want.

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