Lean Into Your Weak Spots

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Lean Into Your Weak Spots

Think back. When was the last time you were in a meeting and your eyes glazed over? You know that feeling. When you have to get involved in that part of the business you really don’t like. Is it accounting? Sales? Operational details? Strategic planning? We ALL have them. There’s something we don’t like. Or something we just aren’t very good at. And so what’s our normal reaction? We avoid it or we just tune it out. One thing I’ve learned over the years is that doing the opposite is a much better way to approach those issues. Often that area that we most avoid somehow becomes that specific problem area. I don’t know why that happens, it just does! We as leaders need to learn how to recognize those very areas and lean into them.

So what do I suggest?

  • Recognize it

I opened this post with one of the ways to recognize our weak spots – meeting topics that we dread. Identify topics that feel boring to you. Think about that part of a meeting that you wish you didn’t have to sit through. What part of the business do you purposely avoid or spend little or no time on? What’s the worst part of your week or month? Mindfulness is important. Recognize area or topics that you seem to want to stay away from. Write down this list.

  • Be honest with yourself about it

Try to understand why this area is a weakness for you. What is it that you dislike? Does it simply feel too difficult to understand? Is it an area you aren’t trained in? Did you have a bad experience (or bad grade) in that class in college? Does it just feel irrelevant to you and your business? Is it something you feel like you should know but don’t? Be truthful with yourself. Understanding that barrier is really important. Write them down.

Now, take that list and sort them into priority order. Which ones are most important to the success of your business? Be truthful. The ones at the top of this list are the ones you need to tackle first.

  • Hit it head-on

Starting with the issue at the top of your list, brainstorm how you can change how you feel about that topic. For now, just start with the first one.

Consider ways you can push into this issue rather than always avoiding it. Can you take a class? Can you ask your staff to help you understand more about the issue? Is it a matter of gaining a better understanding how and why this area might be important to the business? Force yourself to listen more closely in meetings when that topic is covered. Ask questions. Reach out to your peers at other companies and ask them to tutor you.

Now commit to it. Sign up for that course. Block out time on your calendar regularly and make it a priority. Set real action steps, due dates, and deadlines. And find someone to keep you accountable.

Let’s commit to change; change that makes you a better, stronger leader. One way to do that is to tackle those important areas that you avoid. Learn something new. Push into that area and strengthen your skills. You’ll find that you’ve become a much more confident, knowledgable, and effective leader. 

I LOVE to help leaders improve and businesses grow!

Please feel free to reach out and get in touch and let’s explore how I can help you and your business succeed. No pressure. Just an informal discussion to explore some ideas. You can reach me at (713) 907-8429 or BCohen@IDiscoverConsulting.comI hope you are enjoying these blog posts If so, please help spread the word. Tell others about IDiscover Consulting Group and my blog. Share these posts. Comment on them. I’d really love to hear your ideas!

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