Making You A Better Leader This Year

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Making You A Better Leader This Year

Well this year is off and running quickly isn’t it? But, let’s put it in perspective; it’s still just January. There’s still time to develop and execute a plan to make this year awesome. And that’s what I’ve been focused on here on the blog this month. One critical piece of that puzzle is YOU. How can YOU make YOU a better leader this year? And so that’s what this post will focus on…you.

As a business leader (as a human, really) there are always things we can do to improve. OK, there are TONS of ways we can improve who we are and what we do. So many in fact that’s it’s hard to know where to begin. The year starts out and we have these great ideas – lose weight, be better organized, develop closer relationships, learn a language. Let’s be honest. It’s just talk. Until we visualize more concrete goals and execute a specific plan to make each of these happen we often just end the year disappointed. Let’s not let this year leave you the same leader at the end as you are at the start. Let’s improve things by planning and execution. I know you may be at a loss about where to begin. So let me offer a few suggestions:

  • Develop a vision

I always find that it’s helpful to spend some time envisioning the future. How will things actually look different at the end than they are right now?  Consider your leadership self at December 31st. Not how your company will be different, but how you be different. Visualize it. Write it down. Commit to it.

  • Identify a few specific goals

Now turn that vision into specific goals. Give yourself target milestones that will help you know you’ve gotten there. For example, it’s one thing to say that you’d like to be more of a public speaker without defining what that means. Tell yourself that you will speak in a public setting a minimum of three times or once every quarter or in front of a group of at least 50 people or at a minimum of two industry functions or whatever goals make sense for you.

And keep it to no more than THREE goals. Too many can just be too much change and can make you unfocused and scattershot. There’s great power in doggedly zeroing in on only 2-3 goals. Decide on your top three. exclude the others. Yes, you have to make choices here.

  • Put together a plan

Think of that vision as your destination. You don;t arrive at a destination without knowing how you’re going to get there, do you? For each of those goals think about the steps it will take to move in the right direction. Be honest and specific about those steps. What strategies will you put in place to help you make progress? What path will you take?

For example, can you expect to become a more active public speaker without a set of relationships in relevant organizations that you could speak to? Would it help to have a set of topics already defined (and a presentation outlined) that you can share? Should you proactively develop relationships with decision-makers at several relevant organizations? (And, of course, whatever strategies you choose lead to a set of tactical action steps.)

  • Be public and accountable

One really big step to making this happen can be to go public. Tell someone else and ask them to help keep you accountable to your goal. Ask them to push you. Ask for their help and advice when needed. Just being open about what you are trying to accomplish can make a huge difference in your chance of success.

  • Revisit your plan regularly

As soon as you pulled all this together and feel confident about how you’re going to approach the rest of this year set aside time on a regular basis to check your progress. Look at your plan regularly. Be honest with yourself about how you’re doing. And remember that accountability partner? Schedule a firm time commitment with them too. Actually block out time regularly on both of your schedules. Make it a habit.

Growing as a leader is one of the most important things you can do for the success of your business. So don’t forget, you need a plan for you – just as you would for your business. So take some time while be year is still young and make that plan. Commit to your plan Let’s make this year one of your very best!


I LOVE to help leaders improve and businesses grow!

Please feel free to reach out and get in touch and let’s explore how I can help you and your business succeed. No pressure. Just an informal discussion to explore some ideas. You can reach me at (713) 907-8429 or BCohen@IDiscoverConsulting.comI hope you are enjoying these blog posts If so, please help spread the word. Tell others about IDiscover Consulting Group and my blog. Share these posts. Comment on them. I’d really love to hear your ideas!

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