The Number ONE Thing You Can Do This Year to Energize Your Team

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The Number ONE Thing You Can Do This Year to Energize Your Team

After working with and observing numerous corporate and nonprofit organizations over the years I have come to believe that one of the most impactful things we can do as leaders is to work with our teams to define a strategic path toward a bright future…together. Get a strategic plan in place this year and you will be making great strides toward your organization’s future growth.

Recognize that setting a strategic direction and always guiding the organization toward it is perhaps THE most important part of your job. And involving your team in the development of that strategic vision (as much as is practical) is huge. Challenge them to think big and achieve big.

Your staff will go about its daily business with confidence. They will know where the organization is heading and why. And they will know that they had a hand in defining that strategic direction. They will know how to make decisions with that future vision always in the background guiding the way.

This year, give your team the clarity and confidence they deserve. Develop a clear strategic vision and plan. And then begin to implement it into everything the organization does. You will be amazed at the impact that can make – from customer interactions to employee satisfaction. Your organization will now be poised for solid growth.

Wishing a happy, successful, and productive year to all of you!


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