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Hey everyone! I hope you all had a great weekend. As always I like to kick off the week with a summary of some of my favorite small business and entrepreneurship article that I’ve come across the last few days. So, here’s this week’s summary:

  • Tons of people sell on Amazon. What sets some of the more successful ones apart from others? There are a few characteristics they seem to have:
  • Garden Supply Co. is a really good case study about how to grow your business by rocking it on Pinterest. This article looks at how they are doing it:
  • This article updated us on how the sale of Yahoo. It suggests that the price for Yahoo looks like it will be in the $2-3 billion range:
  • What may be the biggest mistake you can make on LinkedIn? This article suggests that not putting a photo of your face on your profile is a huge mistake:
  • Have you thought about how to finance your business. This article looks at whether a business loan might be the way to go for your small business:
  • This article highlights that how focusing on employee RECOGNITION, might be a great way to help with employee retention:
  • TJX’s strategy is an interesting case studying. While so many retailers are struggling, they’re strategy is to open tons of new stores:
  • Here was another case study. It’s focused on how an entrepreneur promoted and built his business using social media:
  • So many people seem afraid of digging into the financial numbers of their small business. The article argues that it’s a critical part of your business:
  • Again, when looking at the financial side of your company, cash management is significant. This article discusses how startups should NOT implode overnight. Not if they are watching their cash.
  • Many of us are still getting our minds around how to apply Pinterest to our brand. This article showed how we cold use it successfully to help build our brands:
  • This article shared some good ideas about how to carefully watch money early in your business:
  • This article high;sighted ow the Gap may be using Amazon as a strategic channel.
  • As I touched on above, the retail sector is really struggling right now . This article touches on some ideas about what might be causing that struggle:
  • Running your own business is certainly not a 9-to-5 proposition. This article listed some things that keep successful entrepreneurs up at night:
  • You’ve heard a lot about those “unicorns” anyhow they seem to be struggling of late. This article hit on the new market dynamics that are keeping them from going public:
  • This article shared some ideas for how you can take your LinkedIn profile from good to great:

This past week I was thinking a lot about the issue of finance and money management for small business. It’s an area that I’ve helped a number of small business owners think about and focus on. So, I shared a few tips to consider:

  • Your small company needs a receivables review/manage process…and you need to stick to it!
  • Focus your spending on things that will reap long-term benefits. Think of it as investing vs. spending.
  • When financing your early-stage business, don’t overlook the use of convertible notes.
  • Develop a close relationship with your banker. A smaller community bank or credit union may offer greater flexibility.

And on this blog I shared some ideas about some of the more important things I think small business leaders should focus on when it comes to financial management. Check out my last blog post: “Managing Your Business Also Means Managing Your Money“. Let me know your thoughts about other financial things you think small business leaders hold be looking at more closely.

Well guys that’s it for today. Enjoy your reading. Leave a comment on the blog. Be sure to share this post and the blog with your colleagues.
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