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Hey everyone! I hope you had a very nice weekend. It’s Columbus Day here in the US; so some people have the day off. Not many, but some. As for me, I’m in a semi-work situation today. My wife and three of my four kids are off work/school. But, as I usually do on Mondays I like to share some of what I think are the most interesting things I came across over the last week or so. Here’s this week’s roundup. Enjoy!

  • Some ideas about how to track the value of social media traffic:
  • Warby Parker CEO: The 3 traits of our best employees – Curiosity, Passion, Proactivity:
  • Is your business behind the times? Here are some ways to tell:  How storytelling can help you develop the corporate culture you want:
  • In marketing, what’s the ONE step you can’t leave out? Follow-up!
  • The impact your CEO can have on your brand:
  • How strategic planning practices can improve strategic responsiveness – from APQC’s research:
  • What an experienced hiring manager looks for in a cover letter:

Last week I shared a lot about the importance of face-to-face communication. We get so used to doing everything via email, text, phone, Slack, whatever. We tend to lose that in-person communication that can be so important. Here are a few tips I shared last week:

  • Don’t make all in-person customer/prospect meetings sales-y. Make ’em discovery meetings; allowing them to talk openly.
  • Maximize your time together. In advance, plan a series of questions to cover in face-to-face customer discussions.
  • Face-to-face discussions with customers or prospects offer more depth of information sharing about needs and problems.
  • A great way to kick-start your sales, marketing efforts is to schedule face-to-face discussions with prospects, clients.

And to round-out the week I dove a little deeper into this topic in my latest blog post: Get the Most from In-person Customer/Prospect Meetings. I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Well guys that’s it for today. Enjoy your reading. Leave a comment on the blog. Be sure to share this post and the blog with your colleagues.

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Have an awesome week!

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