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Good morning! Well, it’s Monday again. Yuk, right? Oh well, I can think of something that will just perk you right up – reading some great articles for business leaders. Here’s a few now…enjoy!   

  • Some strategies for how best to handle stressed customers:
  • Want to leverage quality content marketing for your biz? Begin w/ this great book from our friends Resonance Content Marketing:
  • These productivity tips from these fast growing companies might change how YOU do some things:
  • Business leaders must be bold and make tough decisions in challenging situations. Here’s how:
  • Some top designers weigh in on how to create a top-notch PowerPoint presentation:
  • Should your small business be using Snapchat? Here are some tips that could help:
  • There’s a product positioning sweet spot between mass market and premium. You can find it:
  • Think about how you structure customer loyalty programs. They CAN backfire.
  • Some tough lessons you may not want to hear, but should if you want to be more successful:
  • Is planning your LUNCH hour the secret to a productive day?
  • The pros and cons to be aware of if your small business is considering using marketing automation:
  • How to tell an interesting and engaging story…concisely:
  • The secrets of some great content marketers:


Last week, I was thinking quite a bit about the interplay of company brands with a business’s fundamental mission and vision. All too often I feel the order gets reversed and the idea of the brand drives the business; as opposed to the company’s core purpose driving the brand definition.

  • Make sure your company’s fundamental mission, vision, and values drive your brand definition; NOT the other way around.
  • Remember, your brand’s tagline is NOT your brand definition. It’s just a clever summary to raise positive awareness.
  • Your company’s creative brand elements (taglines, logos, etc.) should “speak” directly to customer/market problems.
  • Use your deep understanding of customer problems (and YOUR unique solutions) to define your brand around.
  • It’s important to define your brand around customer problems/issues and YOUR company’s unique solutions to them.

Also, I wrote my latest blog post about this issue also, Who’s Driving Who?. I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Well guys that’s it for today. Enjoy your reading. Leave a comment on the blog. Be sure to share this post and the blog with your colleagues.

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Have a wonderful and productive week!

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