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Hey guys! Welcome to another week – and Halloween! Fun news. I just spent the morning in jury duty. I know. I know. There are surely more exciting ways to spend your morning. But I have to admit, it was nice to see so many people from all walks of life there answering the call and doing their civic duty. It may not be a part of our democracy we love, but it is  one of the foundations of our unique judicial system. 

Although I’m getting a later start today I still wanted to share with you a bunch of great things I read (and a few I wrote!) over the last week or so. Here goes! Enjoy!

  • This study says that these 5 trends will drive next 10-year small business growth:
  • Influencer marketing can really boost your company’s SEO:
  • Is it time to rediscover old-school direct-mail marketing?
  • Is it time to rethink our content marketing to ensure its effectiveness?
  • Ideas for testing innovative ideas w/o hurting your brand:
  • Some keys to building a sustainable business that grows and KEEPS loyal customers:
  • These are the key parts of a great social media strategy:
  • In case you needed a reminder…here are a few ways blogging can help your small business:
  • Will they buy Slack? No. Instead, Microsoft wants to kill Slack with their own chat-app:
  • Some good tips for improving your blog’s SEO and it’s speed:
  • Yes, your small workplace CAN be a great place to work:

What was on my mind last week? The idea that we can get so caught up in the day-to-day activities of our business that we sometimes lose sight of our longer-term goals and our vision. I shared a few tips to help keep these aligned: 

  • Short-term goals must have a purpose. Tie each with a broader, longer-term strategic goal.
  • Knowing your fundamental mission, vision, and brand purpose will give you confidence in your daily decision-making.
  • It’s those shorter-term daily and weekly goals that help you achieve your longer-term goals.
  • A longer-term plan is essential to making sure your EVERYDAY actions are moving your toward your LONG-TERM goals.

I also extended these ideas into the blog. On the blog the other day I wrote a post called: Aligning The Short-Term With The Long-Term. I hope you’ll read it and add your comments and thoughts for our other readers. How do you keep your short-term priorities pointed toward your long-term goals?

Well guys that’s it for today. Enjoy your reading. Leave a comment on the blog. Be sure to share this post and the blog with your colleagues.

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Have a wonderful and productive week!

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