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My apologies for being away from the blog for a bit lately. So, let’s get caught up on some of the best articles for small to medium-sized business lately:

Here’s what we can learn from a case of crowdsourcing gone wrong:

  • Could you be on TOO many social media platforms? Yes! Think about which are best for YOUR biz:
  • The best way to help your B2B customers is to help THEM succeed with THEIR customers:
  • How to keep your business stable – even during turbulent times and gyrating markets:
  • Looking ahead to your 2017 content marketing plan? Here are some things to consider:
  • Need to add a little variety to your Twitter marketing? Here are some ideas:
  • Some of the best business strategies focus on pleasing the customers you already have:
  • A company’s DNA (culture, strategy) is defined very early. Uncover by looking at founders’ ideas:
  • Why expanding your business may not ALWAYS be the best decision:
  • The best marketing stories are the ones that put customers front-and-center:
  • How your small business can out-maneuver the BIG guys online:
  • Some great tips for building your personal brand:
  • Focused messaging (vs. throwing out a wide net) can help attract the right customers to your business:
  • Remember, successful digital marketing requires a time investment – and solid writing skills:
  • These are some great emails to use for your networking:
  • How customer SERVICE and customer EXPERIENCE differ – and why you should be doing both:
  • Referrals are an important way to pick up new business. Here are some ideas for how:
  • Tips straight from the horse’s mouth. Here’s how Google employees use Google:
  • Prioritizing the most important marketing tasks can make your business grow:
  • Have you thought about your LinkedIn strategy for 2017? Here are some ideas to apply:
  • Authenticity just might be your company’s greatest competitive advantage:     

Well, I hope you find some of these great articles helpful in your business!

Well guys that’s it for today. Enjoy your reading. Leave a comment on the blog. Be sure to share this post and the blog with your colleagues.
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