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Well, we’ll finally back in town. Colorado was a blast – cold weather and some snow. Just what some of us from a warm climate like Texas desperately need! And I guess we brought some of that cold weather with us too. Last weekend’s high temperatures were in the 30s – cold for Houston. But in true Texas fashion, today’s high is 80. Yikes! Annnywaaay… are some recent articles for business owners and business leaders you shouldn’t miss.

  • Sales (yes, even B2B sales) is still about building personal relationships:
  • Thinking about taking a job w/ stock options? Ask these questions FIRST:
  • Want to be that leader who can make the right split-second decision?
  • Wanna make more money in 2017? Try these lifestyle changes:
  • Lessons we can ALL learn from this mom who created several 6-figure businesses from home:
  • Advice from some top designers about how to create an awesome PowerPoint presentation:
  • Once you get that new customer in the door, here are some ideas for how to keep ’em:
  • What’s that one thing you can do to be a great leader (and that most leaders do the opposite of)?
  • These are the impressions people form about you IMMEDIATELY upon meeting you:
  • A couple of really practical ways to improve your ability to think strategically:
  • This is one huge problem I have seen many company founders struggle with (and hardly anyone talks about):
  • Has the wearable technology market run its course…already?
  • Now’s a good time to step back and consider if you’re being an impactful entrepreneur:

Recently I’ve been thinking quite a bit about customer relationships – and how hard it can be to get it right by being authentic and treating customers with the respect they deserve. My last blog post, “What About ME?“, asks why we reserve the best deals for NEW customers; without treating existing customers better. I’d love to hear YOUR thoughts.

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Have a wonderful and productive week!

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