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Hello again. Welcome to a new work week. As always I like to share a summary of some of the best articles I’ve come across in recent days (and some of my own tips and blog posts). So here we go!

  • This article suggested some really good ways you can crank up your social media marketing:
  • As a small business (usually with little extra money to throw around), it’s important to target your investments. This article pointed out how we should focus our marketing toward our IDEAL customers:
  • I really thought this article was helpful. It suggested that it might be helpful to think of your resume in terms of stories instead of bullet-points:
  • This article described a new $20 million fund to invest in startups that combine a design focus and “meaningful impact”:
  • Self-awareness is the main thing leaders want from their executive coaches:
  • I came across this article that shared 100 motivational quotes:
  • As mobile apps proliferate, sometimes it’s hard to know the best ways you can use one for your small business. This article shared some ideas:
  • This article listed just tons of great lead-generation tools that small businesses can use:
  • Referrals are a huge benefit to a small business. This article provide some good points on how to get better at word-of-mouth marketing:
  • This article listed a few email newsletters that can be “better than a Harvard MBA”:
  • A “customer journey map” is a handy tool This article suggested a good approach to building one:
  • As the world of content marketing continues to change we really need to keep up with it. This article provided some insights into these changes – and how we should react:
  • This article was focused on design leaders – and how they share certain traits that help them bridge the gap from designer to leader:
  • This article made a great point about how becoming the leader you really want to be is YOUR responsibility:
  • This article focused on how solopreneurs can deal with the loneliness of working alone:
  • Technology can drive your small business growth. This article shared some ideas for how to apply technology in some key areas:
  • This article discussed how independent booksellers can stay competitive when faced with various types of competition:
  • Sometimes when sales flatten improved SEO might help give them a jolt. This article shared some strategies to consider:
  • I thought this article gave some great advice about focusing on your business and looking for ways to “go disrupt yourself”:

Also last week I was focused a lot on the idea of how to have (or recover) energy, excitement, and passion in your business. Here are some tips I shared:

  • Generating excitement and positive energy in your business begins with YOU, the leader!
  • Losing steam? Think back to what first excited you about your business and the benefits you provide.
  • Find ways to stand out from your competition by surprising customers. They WILL tell others.
  • Know how your target customers interact with companies today. Can you make YOUR interaction remarkable?
  • Look for ways to design business interactions that evoke an emotional connection with customers.

On the blog, I discussed this issue and suggested some ideas for how to bring back the excitement: “Bring Excitement Back To Your Business“. I’d love to hear what your thoughts are.

Well guys that’s it for today. Enjoy your reading. Leave a comment on the blog. Be sure to share this post and the blog with your colleagues.

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Have an awesome week!


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